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suidkaap.co.za was registered in 1999


The following links are also my sites

I have recently moved away from Telkom to AfriHost and the sites (links) are not all up yet . . .

O        a Drupal site                                http://suidkaap.co.za/db3/

O        No MSG (E621)                           http://suidkaap.co.za/nomsg/

O        Cape Windlass                            http://suidkaap.co.za/windlass/

O        Mdesign                                       http://mdesign.co.za

O        Wu Tai Chi Chuan                       http://wu-taichi.co.za

O        Mosselbaai WTCC                       http://taichichuan.co.za


This site is made with Apple iWeb, which comes free with the iLife 11 package up to OS Lion. Coding is messy and difficult to adjust, but the program on its own is easy to use and show good results. Already showing hick-ups with OS Maverick. An expensive $80 alternative with the same feel is EverWeb compared to free server based alternatives like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, WiX, etc. Open source Drupal is computer server [MAMP] and/or web server based, but has a steeper learning curve. For more information read this CMS comparison 2013. I use Transmit (annual fee) for web server communication.



This domain name has potential, but for now just what it is . . . my site.

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    Dr Ronald Lareman
                        B Sc (Stell) B Ch D (Pret) NDT (Stell)  
     Hoogstraat 109   Mosselbaai

    Tel: 044 690 4444     nu/ah 082 779 4506